I'm looking for a big pot. 8 quarts or bigger. Thanks!
WANTED: Minus Lens Glasses, -1 to -2.5 strength prescription ... In case you - or your loved ones - have any outdated (*or no longer en Vogue / haute couture) prescription MiNUS lens glasses (*for nearsightedness / myopia) anywhere in the -1 to -2.75 range (*& no, no need to know the exact prescription, tho if you happen to, that d be wonderful) my family would be very grateful for them. (*And ...
Need more egg cartons - chickens are laying eggs but not helping with cartons. Large collection preferred - dozen size or 1/2 dozen - not the bigger 1 1/2 dozen or costco size.
I'm looking for a big pot. 8 quarts or bigger. To boil a lot of potatoes. Thanks
I need a card table for scrap booking my adventures with my disabled friend!
HI there. I am a disabled lady looking for help. My cat is starting to get along in years but has many more to go but her hairball issues is worrying and is hard to keep up with when my body won't cooperate in getting up and down to clean it. If a kind soul has a hand or small rolling wet vac, I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank you so very much in advance
Cabinets with one being 33 or 36 inch with others to add up to a 83 inch total will pick them up and only if in good shape Thanks
Hoping to realize a long time dream and travel next year. I am collecting items for my travels overseas and placing them in my intention box. Looking for a Pac Safe type of item, slash proof strap/bag. Small/medium in size and in reasonable, usable condition. Thank you all so much!
Large buggy wheels to make a trolly
Leather looking sofa or sofa bed needed thank you
Ricardo Flores Magon Academy is hosting a Haunted House Fundraiser. We are looking for the following costumes: Nun, Priest, Jigsaw Mask, Ghost, Zombie We are also needing costume makeup for faces! Thank you for your donations!
Ricardo Flores Magon Academy is hosting a Haunted House fundraiser and is in need of the following supplies: White or Black Plastic Tablecloths, Black Garbage Bags, Duct Tape, Strobe Lights, Fake Chains, Cobwebs, Caution Tape Thanks in advance for your consideration!
I am or looking for any old newspapers or stuffing for a project.
Project alert! Doing furniture refinishing. If you have any of the supplies - stain, any kind/size of brushes or polyurethane coat, I'd be happy to pick it up!
If you have a sander you no longer use, happy to take it off your hands! Thank you!
Hoping someone has a working Sony portable CD Walkman that is collecting dust. I enjoy listening to audio books, which I check out from our local library while knitting. Thank you!
I'm trying to make a computer for my friend, he's been using a computer from before 2000 for a while now, and it's time he gets an upgrade. If you have a computer, components, or anything like that from about 2010 or more recent, it would be very helpful. Thank you in advance!
Im working on a project to eventually help homeless. For now I just need whatever bikes or parts you may have that you dont use. Happy to speak on the project with anyone interested.
anyone have this game gathering dust? Happy to borrow if you need it back. For an event this weekend. Thank you!
Preferably with a hood-trying to be a boxer for a costume party. :)
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